Anderson Financial Marketing (AFM) is a young company establishing itself as a leader in developing unique marketing and communication plans, structured around a company's specific requirements. AFM's main goal is to define and execute your company's most advantageous selling characteristics. We work to set you apart from the pack by putting forth your best value proposal. We will direct the marketing arm of the company to success.
Our Services

The services we offer are:

- Helping to define the company’s unique selling proposition
- Writing and distribution of news releases
- Exposure to traditional Media: TV, Radio and Press
- Introduction and exposure to Industry Media
- Specializing in new social media marketing strategies and techniques
- Strategic business planning and helping to define a focus at a corporate level
- Data base management and construction
- Financing traditional and creative

Building brands and creating awareness for your company is what AFM is about only if we believe that there is a product to deliver or a belief in management. Our enterprising concepts will then challenge management to bring forth that opportunity. AFM is committed to leaving no stone unturned by gathering an understanding of what and where your company's needs are. AFM will fully integrate into your company as being a part of the team on a long term basis. AFM likes to be challenged; we will also challenge those who are steering the ship, AFM views stakeholders, management and ourselves as being in the boat together.

Christopher R Anderson, President

Christopher R Anderson has a proven record of success as an entrepreneur in all phases of business with an emphasis on strategic planning, communications, and creative marketing.

Christopher has developed and published several news magazines/papers still in circulation today, created an Internet service provider company, and started and operated several retail operations. Christopher was the financier of all his own projects.